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After visiting the campus several times, conducting a site analysis and tabulating the school’s space needs, the planning team considered five options for adding a new 14,500sf Classroom Building and improving and expanding the existing 3,500sf Library by almost 7,400sf.  Concepts ranged from free-standing new buildings to combinations of new buildings, additions, and renovations.  The studies evaluated various site locations including building on the perimeter of the school and building in the middle of campus.  The concepts also included a variety of ways to address the site circulation and separation of traffic types – bus, parent pick-up and drop-off, visitor parking, staff parking, pre-school parking and busses, service, and pedestrians.

Preferred Site Concept

After reviewing the options with the District Building Committee, Option D was selected as the preferred concept.  This option locates a new 10-classroom building on the site of the existing basketball court and suggests a building addition to the north side of the existing library.  The committee liked this option because the existing Bateman classroom building, which is being replaced, can remain open and operational while the new classroom building is constructed.  This concept also offers the potential to create a new campus image and preserves the existing student circulation with its proximity to the existing cafeteria and library. 

Library Planning Concept

To help the District Building Committee make an informed decision about how to proceed regarding the library, the planning team developed quick organizational concepts for a library addition/renovation and for a completely new library building replacement.   The focus was on how improvements might strengthen functionality, security, and sustainability.  The team also considered how the building might serve as a teaching tool itself, showcasing a strong relationship to the outdoors and the integration of photovoltaic power and rainwater harvesting.  Coupled with the cost information provided by the District’s project management consultant, H2 Group, the Building Committee and School Board decided that District goals could be attained most effectively and economically through a library addition/renovation project.  

The project is funded by a Capital Bond that was passed by voters in 2019.

Throughout construction, continue to visit this website for construction updates, information on any construction-related closures, neighborhood meetings, and of course, sneak peeks at the progress!

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When will the renovations be complete?

Your new school will be complete in August 2022!


Who can I contact if I have questions about the construction process?

You can contact your CHASSE construction team – give us a call at 480-425-7777!


Can I visit the school while it’s under construction?

Safety is CHASSE’s #1 priority. For this reason, we can’t bring unauthorized community members onto our active construction site. We will do our best to provide community members with opportunities to be involved in construction by hosting events, sharing information & photos on this site, offering community days, and more. Please stay tuned for more information on these events!


How will construction affect my neighborhood?

We will do our best to be great neighbors and inform you about road closures, lane re-directions, and more, as far in advance as possible. For the most up-to-date information, give us a call and keep checking this website for the most up-to-date construction information.

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